Master Data Management and Golden Record

Personal data changes. Customers move, change names, contact points, phones and email addresses.  How can you handle all of this disparate information? The answer is…

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CCPA regulations. The fourth set of proposed modifications

Following previous modifications in October 2019, and in February and March 2020, the latest updates landed in December, delivered by…

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An FAQ of data protection and the Data Protection Act

Data protection is at the heart of what our PrivacyRun system has been designed to manage. But what is it,…

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GDPR. A deep dive into delivering privacy policy

A privacy policy is a statement of how the website operator collects, stores, protects and utilizes its users’ personal data….

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Cookie consent and GDPR compliance

GDPR legislation mentions cookies in only a single instance throughout the 88 pages of its documentation, but that doesn’t mean they’re not…

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What is PrivacyRun?

Here at PrivacyRun we built our solution with you in mind. Our data privacy platform supports your company’s compliance with local data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. We enable you to monitor where and how data is handled, track employee training and keep you up to date on privacy requests – helping you navigate the complex world of privacy compliance from one place.

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